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UltraPulse CO2 Laser - Myers Dermatology & Clinical Spa
UltraPulse CO2 Laser

UltraPulse CO2 Laser

UltraPulse® - The Most Advanced CO2 Laser System | Lumenis

ActiveFX is a fractional CO2 laser procedure that uses a high-energy beam of laser light to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and scars, and removes brown spots and other skin irregularities. It also stimulates formation of new underlying collagen to continue improvement over time. It is a factional laser treatment, meaning only a fraction of the skin's surface is treated by the laser, leaving small areas of the skin "untouched" allowing for a faster healing process and enables you to get back to normal activities sooner. The treatment causes the upper layer of skin to peel off and regenerate a layer of new, healthy skin. ActiveFX is a long-term treatment with results that can last for years.

What are the benefits of a ActiveFX treatment?
- Immediate collagen tightening
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
- Softens deep lines
- Noticeably improves skin tone and texture
- Eliminates and reduces age spots and sun damage
- Stimulates new collagen formation and plumps the skin.

The results of a ActiveFX laser treatment are long-term and, with proper sun protection, can persist for many years. Most effects of treatment become visible right away, whereas others - such as new collagen formation - build up gradually and become more evident over time. Therefore, most people look even better 3-6 months after procedure.

The treatment itself lasts approximately 30 minutes. We apply an anesthetic cream prior to the treatment, to help minimize discomfort. During the treatment, you will feel warm sensation over the area being treated. Recovering from the procedure is much like any laser treatment. The skin may feel slightly sunburned and swollen and require a bit of cooling. This can be controlled with ice packs and medications prescribed. There may be a red, crusted appearance for eight or more days with the heavier CO2 laser or just four days with the ActiveFX laser. The skin will likely appear as a sunburn and this will subside over a few days or weeks as the skin heals and begins to peel. Keeping the skin moisturized is always a good idea as is avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. It is possible to get back to work and an everyday routine after procedure as long as the skin is taken care of. Compared to other total resurfacing treatments, patient recovery from ActiveFX treatment is rapid. Of course everyone will heal at various rates depending on the depth of the treatment, the particular areas treated and your own healing rate. Light resurfacing may take only a few days to heal, while deeper treatments can take up to just over a week. Results are often visible right away and progressively get more noticeable as time goes by. The skin will peel and heal over and new collagen is formed, thus filling fine lines, removing discolorations on the face, and tightening loose skin. The results typically reach their peak up to six months after the initial treatment.

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